Clayton Orgles
Director & Cinematographer
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An introverted video game developer starts to lose touch of reality when her only friend passes away, leading to panic when she begins to confuse her work creations with the real world.

Director’s Statement

This short film explores the concept of creative burnout, and the psychological effects of an increasingly digital world on the current young generation working in the creative industries. It features a world in which one operates in isolation online - where the concept of partnership/help is reduced with little to no support in the physical world, and the individual often feels overwhelmed from the lack of balance between personal and work responsibilities.

The core idea of this film came from the concept of ‘Youtube Burnout’, where creators will often take a short break after a lengthy period of frequent uploading due to the overwhelming pressure of doing everything themselves for a large audience. I thought this was an interesting phenomenon, which is becoming increasing more common in many creative fields as the constantly improving technology leads us into an industry of creative ‘generalists’ who can output quality results with limited personell. Youtube was changed to Game Development (an area where one can create new worlds) to make the idea of poor work-life balance more cinematically engaging.


  • To change yourself, you must first change your environment.

  • You can’t distract yourself from facing your personal problems without dire consequences.

Subject Matter

  • Virtual Reality

  • Our relationship with Current and Evolving Technology

  • Mental Health

  • Depression

  • Dissociation and Psychosis


Serial Experiments Lain, Suicide Room, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Oldboy (2003)

Public Release

TBA 2019


Production Stills



Director / Writer / Cinematographer / Editor / VFX / Post-Sound
Clayton Orgles

Producer / 1st AD
Aaron Vanderkley

Camera Assistant / Gaffer
Dan Stone

Sound Recordist
Andrea Colbert
Tara Guerrini


Sally Clune

Jayden Arts


Medium: Short Film
Genre: Psychological Drama / Sci-Fi
Runtime: 15 min
Formats Available: DCP, Prores, DNX
Camera: Panasonic GH5
Lenses: Speedbooster XL + Sigma 30mm F1.4 EX DC, Samyang 16mm VDSLR II T2.2, Samyang 24mm VDSLR II T1.5, Samyang 50mm VDSLR T1.5, Nikon AI 135mm F2.8
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1
Budget: AUD $4000



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Behind The Scenes



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Aaron Vanederkley (Producer)

Clayton Orgles (Director)